Unit Linked Insurance

Have you heard of UNIT LINKED?

os 'Unit Linked' (the Spanish translation would be a diversified insurance fund or basket of funds), is an English word that means “linked to units of account”, although they are also called or defined as “those Insurance in the that the policyholder assumes the investment risk ”. In any case, whatever the chosen translation, they are no more or less financial products that allow you to channel and diversify future savings.

What do you want to know about the new Real Estate Credit Law?

What do you want to know about the new Real Estate Credit Law?

It is important to emphasize and emphasize that the habitual and abusive practices and that they diminished or diminished the rights in the hiring of Insurance linked to the mortgage are limited. From now on it will be the one who has applied for the mortgage who will be able to freely decide and choose the Insurances according to market conditions, and the financial institution cannot in any way modify the conditions of the loan.

Life insurance for Self-employed

Procedures required to collect compensation for Absolute Permanent Disability

How to collect Life Insurance for absolute permanent disability?
If you declare the absolute permanent disability of the holder and or beneficiary of the policy, the first thing you must do and as soon as possible, notify the insurance company, accompanying this notification with a certificate of disability issued by the National Institute of Social Security.